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Coils are Burning out very quickly!!!!

1. Reason 1 and not the most common reason but if the juice is mixed differently and sometimes is depending were you get it from and the PH balance is to high, this will cause the burnt taste you describe

If you’re still getting a burnt-tasting vape, and you followed all of the steps Below, it could just be your juice. It might contain too much VG for your device to handle since it is thicker than PG. Experiment with a lower VG, higher PG e-liquid until you find the right balance for your device.


2. Reason 2 and this is the most common issue i have seen over the years.. When a vape battery starts to get old and just like a car battery can last years or sometimes only a few months, Well they tend to spike voltage.. they tend to get hotter when in use and also charging..if you have a adjustable You can try to turn down the voltage so it does not get coil so hot so fast, but the real way to fix it is to replace your battery..


Don't forget to prime coils.. Yes you will over the years have a bad apple here and there, But In over 4 Years i have not seen a bad batch..


Learning how to prime your coil heads will also help to get the prevent future burnt-tasting hits. First install your coil and put a few drops of e-liquid on the wick holes. Fill your tank, and let the coil sit inside of it for a half hour. It sounds like a long time, but that will maximize its performance, and it helps to not rush it.


Yes, sometimes the weather can actually have an effect on your vape. If it is cold, the juice inside the device can thicken and will not wick right. A cold day can make a dominat PG juice thick like a high VG juice. This can lead to dry and burnt tasting hits. Keep your vape away from extreme weather conditions in order to avoid that burnt vape taste.


Unfortunately sometimes the cause of the burnt taste is a combination of a few of the above mentioned, so use it as a reference. If you are following all of the steps, then chances are you won’t be getting burnt hits anytime soon. If you’re still getting a burnt hit, leave a comment. By now you should understand the various causes of burnt hits and how to prevent them. Vaping is supposed to be delicious, so if you’re getting a burnt taste, something’s just not right. Don’t let that discourage you from switching to a more enjoyable, safer alternative than smoking. A lot of people who are new to vaping, might not realize that it isn’t supposed to burn your throat. Vaping isn’t smoking, and it can take some time getting used to inhaling vapor. Once you get over that, there’s a whole world of new flavors out there for you to discover. Vape on, but never accept the burnt taste!


Atomizer Popping and Spitting


VG/PG Ratio

Are you using an e-liquid comprised of mostly propylene glycol? Are you using it with a sub-ohm tank? You may need an e-liquid with a different VG/PG ratio. Propylene glycol is thinner than vegetable glycerin. It also vaporizes at a lower temperature. Sub-ohm tanks, though, tend to have large wick holes and operate at higher temperatures. You need to use a thicker e-liquid with a higher VG/PG ratio with a sub-ohm tank because a thinner e-liquid will cause constant coil flooding. A flooded atomizer pops and spits constantly.


Poor Seal

If you have a sub-ohm tank or RTA, it most likely uses several threaded joints and o-rings to keep the e-liquid inside the tank. That isn’t all they do, though; they also keep the e-liquid out of the atomizer enclosure. Check your tank carefully to confirm that all of the o-rings are in place and not stretched out. Also, disasemble and reassemble the tank to make sure that nothing is cross-threaded. If e-liquid gets inside the atomizer enclosure, the coil will flood. You’ll end up with uncontrollable atomizer popping and spitting until you fix the problem.


Atomizer Popping and Spitting


Are you using too much e-liquid when dripping because you’re constantly getting dry hits? If so, remove the atomizer enclosure and look inside your RBA when you get a dry hit. Look at the wicks. Are the ends of the wicks still wet, even though the middles are dry? Trim off the wet portions, allowing the ends of the remaining wicks to just touch the atomizer’s drip well and act as tiny mops. You’ll experience less dry hits, and you’l stop flooding your atomizer as a result.


Wattage Setting Too Low 


Now, think about what happens when you boil a pot of water. The water at the bottom of the pot boils first because it’s closest to the flame. Bubbles rise to the surface. If you flood your atomizer, the same thing will happen. The e-liquid that touches the coil vaporizes first. The vapor has to travel through the e-liquid that’s clogging the atomizer, though — so the atomizer spits e-liquid into your mouth.In this case, you can prevent the atomizer from spitting by increasing your e-cigarette’s wattage so it vaporizes the e-liquid more efficiently